Documentary maker and Producer (Vietnam / France )

Founding member of the association "Orchidées" that aims to produce and distribute films on Southern countries, Thuy-Tien Ho comes from militant cinema, the one of the years 70-80. A cinema that strives to inform and create solidarity with the peoples of the countries fighting against dictatorships, colonialism ... Trained at INA as chief editor, she is also producer and director.


  • Fratricide au Burkina Faso, 2007

  • Les filleuls du Burkina, 2005

  • Donner la parole aux sans voix, 2001

  • Le Grand Voyage, 2000

  • Turismo si, turismo no, 1999

  • Afrique du Sud, le poids de l’héritage, 1997

  • Madagascar, l’île femme, 1990

  • Ghana, la terre des sacrifices, 1988

  • Sankara, requiem pour un président assassiné, 1987