Actor, Musician (France)

Born March 25, 1975 Gaspard Manesse, is a French actor and musician. He got his first role in the movie ''Au revoir les enfants'' of Louis Malle in 1987 (film in which he played the main character, Julien Quentin), later he appeared in another one ''Comme il vient'' of Christopher Chiesa. In 2007, he participated in the Short Film of Justine Malle entitled ''Cet été-là'' . He also plays the role of Anthony in the movie of Dyana Gaye, ''Un Transport en Commun''.


  • Un Transport en Commun, 2010

  • Cet été-là, 2007

  • Comme il vient, 2002

  • Au revoir les enfants, 1987

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