Actor, Musician (Senegal / Guinea Bissau)

Senegalese artist Umbañ Ukset was born in Guinea Bissau and he spent his childhood in Senegal. His real name is Emmanuel Gomez and he studied at the Ecole des Arts de Dakar, and then at the Sorbonne (Paris).
He is the lead vocal of the Star Band (Dakar), a group of the legendary Miami club founded by Ibra Kasse. Singer, musician he is also an actor: as Umban Gomez De Kset, he played the driver of the Peugeot 404, in Dyana Gaye's movie “Un transport en commun”.


  • Un transport en commun, 2010

  • Une Pour Toutes 1999

  • Passage à l'acte 1996

  • Banzai, 1983

  • Trois Morts A Zéro 1983

  • Cause Toujours Tu m’intéresses 1979

  • Descente Aux Enfers, 1986

  • N'Tturudu/Le Masque, 1986

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