Cordoba African Film Festival (ex-Tarifa)

Created in 2003 in Tarifa (Southern Spain, 10 miles away of the Moroccan shores) the Cordoba African Films Festival (or FCAT) has a clear mission, to propose a platform for African films to be seen by EUropean and Spanish-speaking audiences and professionals.

During 9 days the Festival screens more than 80 titles and carries out several workshops and shows, with a focus on kids, students and elders.

The programme includes 3 competitive sections, rétrospectives and special évents. The coproduction forum is a unique opportnity for African producers to meet Spanish and Latin Amerian coproducers to complete the funding of their films.

FCAT means Festival of African Cinema Al-Tarab, after the name of the Foundation which organizes it. « Al-Tarab » is an Arab word, very present in Andalucia, with no exact translation into English... it encompasses both the esthetic emotion created by chant and dance, and the poetic force of the artists that inspire this emotion.

Fundacion AL-Tarab carrues out multiple actions throughout the year:
• Artistic & technical support to African festivals (Equatorial Guinea, Mauritania, Morocco, Ethiopia, Mozambique...)
• Cinenomada, the distribution of films shown at the festival, towards non commercial entities in Spain, be them festivals, schools, libraries & museums etc.

The Festival de cine africano de Cordoba is a close partner of since 2010.

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