Filmmaker (Guinea)

Gahité Fofana is mostly known for his documentaries, Tanun (1994), which received the Black Movies Prize in Geneva in 1995, and One word, one face (1995) about HIV positive men and women's testimonies. His short feature film Temedy directed for the collection African artists and AIDS won the Special Jury Award at the Venice Festival in 1996. In 1999, his documentary Mathias, the Gang Trial the story of a young man condemned to death, waiting for the execution in a Guinean jail, obtained the Canada TV Radio Television Prize of Montreal and the Second Video Award at the Fespaco, in Ouagadougou. His 2000 film, I.T. (Temporary Registration), directed for the Fiction Unity of ARTE France channel, was his first feature film and won the Special Jury award in Namur (2001).
Early in the morning (2005), winner of the Beaumarchais SACD Foundation for the scenario, is his second feature film directed for the Fiction Unity of ARTE France. 2006 : Prix Oikocredit suisse au 20ème Festival international de films de Fribourg, SIGNIS Prize International Film Festival Open Doek of Turnhout, Belgium. 2007 : Prix des Nations Unies pour la promotion des droits de l’enfant au 20e Festival panafricain du cinéma et de la télévision de Ouagadougou, "Tous les Cinéma du Monde" Cannes 2007. 2008 : Prix du festival International du Film d'Innsbruck.
Since 2010, Gahité Fofana is Directeur General Adjoint of the Office National of Cinema in Guinée.


  • Tanun, 1994

  • Temedy, 1995

  • Une parole, un visage, 1995

  • Mathias, le procès des gangs, 1997

  • Le Soleil se maquille, 1998

  • I.T. (Immatriculation Temporaire), 2001

  • Un matin bonne heure, 2005

  • La Lune est tombée, 2008

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