Director,scénarist (Mexico)

Israel Cardenas was born in February 15th 1980, in Monterrey, Mexico. After some film workshops in Cuba, New York and Netherlands he began a young company. Since then he's produced, directed and photographed several projects, among regional music videos.
"Cochochi" is his first feature film, in which he shares script, photography, production and direction credits with his wife Laura Amelia. He is currently producing their second feature film "Jean Gentil", which he co-directed and photographed. At the same time he is producing two features films "Ocaso" by Theo Court and "Riverol" by Gabriel Nuncio. Together with Matías Meyer he is co-writing the script "Los Ultimos Cristeros", to be produced in Mexico in 2010.


  • Carmita (2013)

  • Jean gentil (2010)

  • Cochochi (2007)

  • Antesaia (2006)