Autor and Director

Born in 1981, Marc PICAVEZ wrote his first screenplay in high school and won the contest Scenarios on drugs with the short film “C’est presque terrible”.
While studying anthropology, he dove into filmmaking in 2000 with the creation of the association Makiz'Art (production and film education) and the realization of a first film, “Bul déconné” completed in 2005. This film, winning in Dakar, Montreal and Ouidah, is the result of a collaboration with late Massaër DIENG. This young Senegalese director came to study in France a few years earlier desired to make a film about his hometown, Rufisque. A fiction film, a short film shot in Senegal. Mark meanwhile has experience in screenwriting. Their collaboration will result in “Bul Deconné!” become a short feature film.
Marc develops parallel solo projects such as “France, Brazil une autre histoire” ... (2007), awarded in several festivals, and “Agosto”, who recently received the Quality Award of the CNC in 2010.


  • Agosto, 2009

  • France – Brésil et autre, 2007

  • C’est Presque terrible, 2000