Director, Producer (Switzerland)

Born in 1970 in Stockholm, Berni Goldblat is a founding member of Cinomade with Daphne Serelle. An association based in Burkina Faso, whose objective is the creation and dissemination of advocacy tools, including film. As part of their activities with the association, they made thirteen films and numerous theater tours interactive debate in Africa. He also created "Les films du Djabadjah", a production company based in Burkina Faso. Berni Goldblat is also the author of a trilogy called "Micro à ta portée" that gives voice to people on the evil of the century: AIDS.


  • Sibi, 2010

  • Ceux de la colline, 2009

  • L'amour etc, 2007

  • SidAttitudes, 2007

  • Mokili, 2006

  • Des maux d'amour, 2006

  • La guerre des sexes, 2005

  • Affaire de caoutchouc, 2005

  • Sida palabres, 2005

  • Fiston du Ghetto, 2004

  • Tiim, 2003

  • I don't understand, 2002

  • Doni doni b'an bela, 2001