Producer, director (South Africa)

Born in Johannesburg, grew up in UK, Canada and Swaziland now living in South Africa. Spent time with the ANC in exile as a photographer, studied filmmaking in Canada and now run a production company in Joburg. Currently raising funds for two feature films, This Boy about a gangster in Cape Town, and The Short Cut about two brothers from Zimbabwe trying to escape their enslavement in an illegal south african gold mine.


  • The Spirit Of Malombo, 1998

  • The Secret Safari, 2001

  • A Drink In The Passage, 2002

  • Homecoming, 2005

  • Hillside, 2006

  • One Way, 2006-2007

  • The Manuscrits Of Timbuktu, 2009

  • Stay With Me, 2010

  • This Boy, 2011

  • Skreem Saam, 2011