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Djénéba KONE
Mali, 2001
120 min
A shameful secret spelled HIV threatens Nafi’s newfound frienship with Aïsha and her future with Ali, her husband to be.
When Aïsha discovers that her best friend’s fiancé Ali is HIV-positive, Ali’s father is too preoccupied with saving the family name to worry about the welfare of his son. And when a whole village is buzzing with rumours that threaten to ruin her beloved friend Nafi’s life and reputation, it’s to say the least, complicated.

A progressive Malian TV-series that deals with loyalty and the stigma of HIV/Aids. And playful youth who are forced into adulthood overnight, and into making decisions that most will never have to do during an entire lifetime. Decisions that, whatever their outcome, are likely to create enemies for life and have a profound impact on the life of others.