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Congo (Democratic Republic), 2009
78 min
Maimona refuses to be quiet about Kayoko’s corruption. Unfolding in Kinshasa this series contains all the addictive ingredients: corruption, sex and suspense.
When his brother, the Cabinet Minister, appoints Kayoko Secretary-General of a public company, he does not hesitate to take full advantage of all the perks that come with the position. Soon his allies, members of the Anambua people, are appointed to high postes, and Kayoko spends money that is not his own, and marries several wives. His flamboyant lifestyle stirs up jealousy and attracts the attention of the national press, among them a journalist Maimona who will pay dearly for her interest Kayoko’s shady dealings.

The suspensefull awareness-raising and controversial TV-series, is part of the project “Media for democracy and transparency in the DRC”.