By :
Abdoulaye DAO
With :
Bamba BAKARY, Michel GOHOU, Adrienne KOUTOUAN
Burkina faso, 2007
78 min
A Cult TV-series about the conflict between the two cousins Jean Louis and Léopold, with stars Gohou Michel and Adrienne Koutouan (Faut pas fâcher).
When Jean Louis, a rich banker is accused of staging a coup, he turns to his police commissioner cousin Léopold, who is dealing with a similar problem. Both cousins are forced to prove their innocence before a system that in an ideal world should prove their guilt instead. The situation looks dire for Léopold, who ends up in prison accused of weapon theft, leaving his wife Sylvie to fend for him and the rest of the family. In the midst of it all, a mysterious lady shows up who might have the answer to the misfortunes of the two cousins.
While the cousins are busy fighting to clear their names, life continues for those around them, with household dramas involving family members and domestic staff.