An African comedy-series with a huge following about an Ivorian family in Abidjan, their neighbours and others. It’s is guaranteed to keep you in stitches.
Bohiri, a rich and charming womanizer, who happens to be married, always finds a way to cajole his wife Delta into forgiving him for his recurring love escapades. His friend Gohou Michel, on the other hand, is married to Clémentine, a no-nonsense woman who will not let her husband get away with anything. The series follow the lives of the two families and many others who are part of their lives in one way or the other.

“My Family” is produced by Delta Akissi - famous actress and one of the late and sorely missed film director Henri Duparc’s favourites.

Curfew – Living together - What’s the problem? 
A three-day curfew following the death of the country’s President provides Bohiri and Gohou with an opportunity to see their mistresses. Shortly afterwards an association in support of mistresses demands certain rights for their members.