​An hilarious, absurd but still realistic comedy-series with a huge following about a family in Abidjan, their neighbours and others. Guaranteed to keep you in stitches.
Angéline Nadié, Delta’s mother-in-law, starts complaining before the sun rises in the morning and continues until after sunset. The women of the neighbourhood join forces to help their friends from not going mad. It is decided that a magic potion that will protect Delta’s husband Bohiri from his mother’s influence, will be prepared. But Delta should be careful what she wishes for.

When a close relative dies of Aids, Delta buys a big back of condoms that she gives to her husband. He does not appreciate the gesture and accuses his wife of not trusting him. When Delta distributes the condoms to the staff, the reactions are equally negative and more ignorant than she could have imagined. “How many times per day Madam?” asks one of them.