By :
Oumar Kourouma, Jean-Pierre Mendy
With :
Abass Ibn, Abou Koro
Ivory Coast, 2007
20 min
Could preparing of chicken really make Abasse a Minister? Hungry for power, he is willing to try anything his spiritual guide says in Jean-Pierre Mendy’s popular sitcom.
Abasse’s hunger for power knows no limits and in his quest to become a minister he consults a witchdoctor. The instruction he receives is surprising: buy a chicken at the market and prepare it yourself. When he is about to dig in, he learns that the dreaded avian flu has reached the neighbouring country Burkina Faso. Suddenly not so hungry anymore he invites his neighbour for a meal. When the neighbour shows no symptoms of the disease and the nomination period for minister posts is approaching, Abasse is starting to worry.
The man behind this popular sitcom is Jean-Pierre Mendy – a man of many professions, among them event manager and cultural profile, philanthropic and director.