African Film in danger :

  • African Filmmakers striving to shoot because of funding shortage
  • African audiences deprived of local films since most cinemas shut down in the 2000’s
  • Youngest generation never saw films on a large screen, just on TVs that show mostly foreign soaps and B-movies
  • Mass piracy of African films, both in Africa and in the diaspora

It’s a vicious circle : no audience, no revenue, fewer films, lower quality standard, and so on.

Support, support African filmmakers

    2 initiatives were launched in 2010 to improve African film distribution and Afican Filmmakers revenue, in Africa and worldwide :
  •,the legal African film portal for a world audience ; it is operated under French Laws, but is totally managed from Dakar, Senegal, where we set up a state-of-the-art digital station, the first ever in Africa ;
  • mobiCINE, « cinema-on-a-motorbike » : organizes low-cost screenings in Bamako, Mali and Dakar, Senegal , with 14 mopeds making 30 to 60 film shows per day

Film owners get 50-65% of revenue collected by; what’s left goes to broadband airtime, encryptions and banking fees, software development, and the wages of the 40 cultural jobs created for the purpose in Senegal and Mali.

Africa Culture Technologies Foundation

ACT, based in Dakar and Paris, collects the necessary funding to continue these actions.

1/3 of your donation funds a Grant Reserve for film writing / making by young Africans.

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