About us

AfricaFilms.tv is the first legal download website for films from / about Africa and the diaspora.

It’s also the first e-store totally managed from Africa.

AfricaFilms is a fair, co-operative initiative.

All the movies you will download or rent here were duly signed with a written contract with the films owners, generally the African producers or directors themselves.
Files are encrypted so as to prevent any illegal copy that would steal vital revenue from African creators.

AfricaFilms.tv : a worldwide site

You will find feature films, soaps, documentaries, filmed concerts and shows from all over Africa & the Diaspora.

You will be able to download them from anywhere in the world, according to territories authorized in the contracts.

We do our best to find available subtitled versions in order to allow everyone to enjoy the best of African production.

AfricaFilms.tv : a modern African enterprise

AfricaFilms.tv is managed by the Senegalese company SOON established in 2010 by 3 stakeholders : IDmage, STUDIO SANKARA (production company of Senegalese hip hop star Didier Awadi) and SARAMA FILMS (production company of Malian fillmmaker Salif Traoré). SOON’s offices are located in the heart of Dakar’s popular neighbourhood La Patte d’Oie à Dakar, and hires a PanAfrican team of 7 different nationalities.

AfricaFilms needs you

AfricaFilms.tv seeks self sustainability from the download but this will take some time.

You can support us.


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