Sur Africa, 2010
52 min
23 artists make it happen in a stadium discarded from the 2010 World Cup. Creativity better than soccer!
In June 2010 the eyes of the world were on South Africa and the FIFA 2010 WORLD CUP Soccer. A group of artists arrived in the dusty city of Mafikeng. Despite having a 50 000 seater stadium, Mafikeng never made it onto the international map for the biggest sporting event in Africa. “If Mafikeng can’t make it to the world cup, we’ll bring the world cup action to Mafikeng” - Roel Schoenmakers, artist-social activist from the Dutch arts’ collective, CASCOLAND. 

The film follows the group of 23 artists from around the world as they create visual arts projects in the disused stadium, in an attempt to recycle and re-invigorate neglected infrastructure. From make-shift restaurant to dances with porta-loos, 30-seater swings and wing-style football. 

This light-hearted and entertaining documentary is an exploration of creativity in a forgotten city, at the same time offering alternative ideas for uses of disused stadiums left by the World Cup.